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Trampolines And Gymnastics ' Poetry In Motion

By Dave Vower

All kids love bouncing on trampolines ' and grown ups too. If your child is keen to start gymnastics, you should encourage him or her because this is a really beneficial form of exercise. As with ballet or judo, a child will develop discipline and focus with trampolines and gymnastics. Children as well as adults can start classes at any stage.

Equipment for gymnastics includes mats, trampolines, parallel bars, rings and uneven bars. Beginners will learn handsprings, handstands, tucks, somersaults and other maneuvers. A gymnast will learn to develop muscles that help with balance and control. These exercises are very easy for young children to learn, so the younger they start, the better.

Using a small trampoline at first, you will learn tumbling. Soft, small trampolines are for beginners, and the slightly larger ones are used for the double mini. Even larger trampolines are used by the more advanced pupil for more complex maneuvers.

The larger trampolines are perfect for the more experienced gymnast. A beginner can use a safety harness in the early stages of training to experiment new moves. Safety is of paramount importance during training. Coaches feel that it is much easier to learn skills on apparatus that provides air-time.

Trampolines provide a soft landing surface for the gymnast. They are safer to learn on during when first learning gymnastics. Trampolines allow more repetitions to be performed in shorter periods of time. Very few repetitive stress injuries occur on the trampoline as opposed to a normal gym floor.

A trampoline at home is great not only for the aspiring gymnast, but for every member of the family. The gymnast can have practice sessions while mom, dad, brothers and sisters can get fit. A 14 foot built-in trampoline is ideal, but there are other sizes that are free standing. Even a mini trampoline is excellent for training and exercising. - 30807

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Trampolines And Gymnastics ' A Perfect Combination

By Dave Vower

Trampolines have been in existence for hundreds of years. They can be used as a fun activity or a more serious pursuit. Trampolines and gymnastics have seen a resurgence in popularity over the last ten years as more adults and children are rediscovering the joy and excitement as well as health benefits that can be achieved.

A typical trampoline is designed similar to a springboard. They are generally rectangular or square in shape and feature a strong elastic fabric pulled over a metal frame. There will be pads along the edge of the frame and the floor that help prevent injury.

You may have noticed that there are more trampolines in neighborhood gardens than ever before. Today there are many options available; the latest models come in all shapes and sizes. If you have young children then you could choose a small low lightweight option for indoor use. If your garden is big in size then why not consider one of the larger ten foot by ten foot models. These have an added security feature of netting to prevent you from jumping out and breaking a leg.

You can also see trampolines and gymnastics regularly on TV. Since the year 2000, the Olympics and most major international athletics competitions feature the activity. It actually takes many years of practice to become highly a highly skilled performer. And of course you can also see professional gymnasts in most circuses; the feats and stunts they pull will leave you amazed.

Of course its also a great way to stay in shape. By using a trampoline regularly you will be developing your overall cardio-vascular system as well as improving the tone and strength of your abdomen and legs. Make sure you do some stretching exercises before using the trampoline as it is all too easy to pull a muscle.

No matter whether young or old you will find a trampoline great fun. It is a wonderful way of getting rid of stress and improving health. - 30807

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Beijing Hotels Rise to Greet 2008 Olympians

By Efrenn Larson

China, one of the world's emerging superpowers, recently increased her exposure in the world stage as she hosted the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. The Olympics is a quadrennial event which is participated by about 120 countries, with players engaging themselves in various sports, from track-and-field to javelin throwing, from basketball to soccer, from swimming to diving, you name it.

After being selected to host the 2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing did not waste time in selecting the site where future participants will stay and where most of the events will be played. Both the city and the national government gathered the best team of engineers, architects and landscape designers to jumpstart this magnanimous project which would definitely pour in big investments to the country. Aside from this, international hospitality industries started to set up their branches of Beijing hotels in anticipation of the visitor surge to be brought by the event.

The government planned to use a site wide enough to put the various stadiums and complexes in one place. This would increase productivity of the players while reducing travel time from one venue to another. Located at the north end of the central axis of Beijing, the planners named the area the Olympic Green, where thirty-one sporting venues can be seen.

Most of the hotels in Beijing are accessible from the Olympic Green because they are located near the city's cultural and business districts. A number of important sporting venues are located within the Green. The most notable of these is the Beijing National Stadium. Inspired by the beauty and intricacy of Chinese ceramics, the designers were finally able to construct it. Known as the 'Bird's Nest,' it was the venue for the football and athletics finals as well as in the opening and closing ceremonies where 91,000 people attended.

Another unique structure is the Beijing National Aquatics Center, better known as the 'Water Cube.' Its design is based on the structure of soap bubbles, which are air-filled pockets of translucent plastic. At night, the structure illuminates with colors which change from time to time. This was where swimming, diving and synchronized swimming competitions were held.

The Beijing National Indoor Stadium, dubbed 'The Fan' due to its design similar to a traditional Chinese holding fan, hosted Artistic Gymnastics, Handball events and Tramp lining. The Convention Center, a 270,000 square-meter structure, used for Fencing and the Modern Pentathlon, can also be found within the Green. It was also the International Broadcast Center where the press covered the entire games.

The Beijing Olympic Village was the temporary home of the athletes. It resembles some of the hotels in Beijing since it is made up of twenty-two six-storey buildings and twenty nine-storey buildings.

Beijing hotels were at sky-high during the games since they had good occupancy rates continuing for months. The city and the country were the stars of the show. The 2008 Summer Olympics was indeed the coming-out-party for China and its constituents. For a nation once known as the Sleeping Dragon, she has now finally awakened! - 30807

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Your Right Kind of Walking Shoes

By Lance Edwards

It is true that a pair of nice walking shoes would not be enough you are thinking about walking. But it's true that a good pair will help you a lot. A good pair will make you feel comfortable and give you a better experience and reduce the risk of injury. And it's important to know your feet shape type before you go for your best walking shoe. In this post you will learn how to identify your feet shape and how to choose the best walking shoes.

The shop clerk will do a better job help you to choose the right type of shoes for you if you have the knowledge of your unique feet shape. Here are the details of different feet shapes.

Type No.1 Flat Feet

This type of feet shape is when you have feet that do not roll inward too much. Your feet will have not very clear inward cure in your feet. Flat feet are probably the most common feet shape. If you have flat feet, you will like to buy shoes with motion-control and the ones that are able to support the inside of your feet. You certainly want to avoid any curved or cushioned shoes which will not make you walk stably. Actually, they will not feel comfortable and it will be hard for you to control.

Type No.2 High-arched Feet

If you have high-arched feet, your feet will roll outward when you walk. Will, it's the contrary of the first feet shape. If your footprints are almost toes as well as heels, you will probable have this kind of feet shape. When buying walking shoes for this kind of feet shape, you will go for soft mid-sole shoes which offer good flexibility as well as stability.

If you don't fit into both of these two types of feet, you will probably have a neutral feet shape.

This kind of feet shape will have neither high arch nor low ones. Well the good news is you would be able to try a variety of walking shoes. In this curvy shaped shoes should be a better choice. - 30807

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Want Manchester United Football Tickets?

By Nicolas Jane

Manchester United is one of the most popular teams in the world and it is no surprise that Manchester United football tickets sell like hot cakes.

To get privilege for the tickets, become a member of Manchester United. It is the richest and most popular club in the world. For members of the club, HYPERLINK "" Manchester United football tickets is not a problem. The club has won FA Premier League / Football League 16 times, European cup twice and many more trophies.

FA Cup is the oldest cup competition and Manchester United has won it 11 times. They have won it more number of times than any other team. Ryan Giggs has played the most number of games (over 800) than any other player for Manchester United, while Denis Richards scored the most number of goals in a season for Manchester United.

Watching a game will be a test of your love for the team. As a true supporter, you should stick with the team whether it is losing of winning. Put on the red jerseys yourself and give a hi-five. The games generally are like a roller-coaster since the positions of teams keep changing every other moment. From time to time, Manchester United sends email updates to its registered members. You can sign up email updates from its website.

Whenever a match is played at Manchester United's home ground, Old Trafford, the event is sold out very quickly and the stadium is jam packed. It is a matter of luck and alertness to get the tickets. Manchester United is the richest and most popular club in the world. To get privilege for tickets, become a member of Manchester United. If you happen to buy online tickets, then shipment of tickets is subject to the release of tickets by the home team.

Liverpool is one of their biggest rivals and games between both the teams are very exciting. Large number of fans witnesses the game both inside and outside the stadium. The event is sold out even before you say Jack Robinson or snap your fingers. Formed in 1878, Manchester United Football club has been through a roller coaster ride of tough and good times.

Owing to the tremendous fans-following, it is almost impossible to get a ticket for Manchester United game played at Old Trafford but if you are shrewd, you won't have any problem with HYPERLINK "" Manchester United football tickets. If you happen to sit in the opposite camp at the ground, the administration will throw you out for your own safety. Finding proper accommodation in any hotel won't be a problem. Behave like a cultured fan, not a fanatic one since UK fans are more on the decent side.

Atmosphere at the stadium is electrifying. So why not attend a game and enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to remember for all times to come by getting Manchester United football tickets. Enjoy the game with one of the most loyal fans-following of the world. - 30807

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The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Are Coming!

By John A Moore

The clock is clicking down to the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. Canada has been buzzing about these games for the past few years and now Vancouver is the final rush to make sure everything is ready as they prepare to welcome the world. Vancouver was awarded these games over 5 years ago and has been making preparations ever since. This will be the second time Canada has played host to this spectacular event.

Held every fourth year, the Winter Games are an international spectacular. This season the Games will commence in the middle of February and stretch over 16 excitement filled days. One day one will be a moving and somber opening ceremony and on day 16 will be a fun and glitzy closing ceremony. The days in between will be filled with such events as alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, figure skating, bobsled, ice hockey, ski jumping, freestyle skiing, and speed skating..

The Vancouver Olympic Games will take place at a number of different venues around the lower main land of British Columbia. The City of Vancouver will host figure skating, hockey, and short track skating. Beautiful Whistler, BC will host cross country skiing, bobsled alpine skiing and luge events. Richmond, British Columbia will be the home of the long track speed skating competition. West Vancouver will play host the freestyle skiing competitions which include some snowboarding events..

Historically, the Winter Olympics and the Summer Olympics were held in the same year. This was the case from the first Winter Games held in France in 1924. Prior to 1924, figure skating and hockey were part of the Summer Games. The same year pairing of the Olympics continued until 1992. Since 1992, the Winter and Summer Olympics have been held in alternate even numbered years.

The Winter Olympics are considerably smaller than the Summer Olympics. There are much fewer events in the Winter Games and there is a full week less of competition. There are also fewer countries participating. Fewer countries participating make sense as all of the completions take place on either ice or snow and there are many countries that naturally have neither of these surfaces. With that said there are a number of typically tropical countries that do participate. The most famous of these tropical competitors is the Jamaican bobsled team.

In anticipation of the Vancouver Olympics, the Canadian Olympic Association developed a program with the lofty goal of Canadian athletes achieving more Olympic medals than ever before. This program has been called "Own the Podium" and has been in effect over the past number of years. The results of this program will be seen at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. - 30807

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The Secrets to Winning an Athletic Scholarship

By John Barnett

With college costs increasing at a hefty 6.5% every year, it just might pay to look into yet another way to augment student loans, grants and financial aid - the athletic scholarship. There's a whopping $1.2 billion available for collegiate sports scholarships every year. Since the average cost of attending a four-year public university is nearly $80,000 every little bit helps, right? Here are a few things every high school athlete should know as they get started on their college selection process:

1. Age matters! To qualify to play sports at the college level you must be between' and 24 years old. Your chances of landing a scholarship decrease the longer you wait to attend college after high school graduation, so plan to go straight from high school to college.

2. There are 29 sports recognized by the NCAA (National College Athletic Association) The women's list is a little longer and includes: Archery, Water Polo, Volleyball, Basketball, Bowling, Track & Field (Indoor and Outdoor), Cross Country, Tennis, Equestrian, Fencing, Synchronized Swimming, Swimming and Diving, Field Hockey, Golf, Squash, Softball, Gymnastics, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Skiing (Cross Country and Downhill), Rowing and Rifle.

Female athletes have even more opportunities: Basketball, Volleyball, Track & Field (Indoor and Outdoor), Soccer, Tennis, Equestrian, Fencing, Synchronized Swimming, Swimming and Diving, Water Polo, Golf, Squash, Ice Hockey, Gymnastics, Archery, Lacrosse, Skiing (Cross Country and Downhill), Rowing and Field Hockey.

3. Unless you and your athleticism has already become a household name in your region, don't count on a recruiter finding you. Instead, prepare a sports portfolio of your efforts and make sure that it gets on the desk of the coach you are trying to play for at the college level. A bio of your life in sports and as many newspaper and/or broadcast TV clips of your highlights will be fine.

4. Get accepted first. You can't be considered for an athletic scholarship until you've been accepted to the university in the first place based on your SAT and overall application packet.

If you do land an athletic scholarship, there's something to keep in mind. Playing at the collegiate level is a big commitment and you won't have much free time for other things. Strongly consider the major you choose because in all likelihood you won't be playing your sport of choice professionally after you college years have passed. Choose a career that fulfills you completely and look forward to success off the field as well. - 30807

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